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About Us
Meet the Founder
Perry Richard

Perry is a senior Solutions Architect with over twenty years experience in software development, and sixteen years specifically with the GeoMedia product family.


Perry has architected many solutions integrating geospatial and non-geospatial systems including SAP CRM for 311, Commercial POSSE and TACs. His experience includes several years of data warehousing and reporting.  He has enjoyed working with both private and public clients at the local and state levels.


Perry is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Computer Systems Technology program, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta.


Having worked with the GeoMedia product family, data warehousing and reporting extensively, it became clear to Perry that an opportunity existed to bring these technologies together. Hence, the inspiration for XtenGeo.

XtenGeo is a trademark of PJR Systems Analysts Inc, founded by Perry Richard in 2003.  The company offerred technical consulting services specializing in Geographical Information Systems until 2014, when the focus transitioned to developing business intelligence extensions for one of the leading global geospatial products, GeoMedia owned by Hexagon GeoSpatial.

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