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Special Features

Report Designer includes many features over and above what you might expect from a reporting application. Here are some of the highlights.

Featuring Layout Plus

New Layout Window Ribbon

New Export Options - Improves Output Rendering

Translate Sheets to Report Designer

Enhance With Numerous Powerful Design Tools

Layout Plus Intro Video

See how Report Designer's Layout Plus ribbon enables you to export your layout sheets to an XtenGeo report, and from there, how to enhance it using more than 50 of the numerous features offered by Report Designer for GeoMedia.

Add Reports to your GeoMedia Workflow

Featuring Quick Exports

Handy Access to Your Favorite Exports, Plus:

Select Set Exports

Quick Exports Filtered by Map Window Selected Locations

Batch File Command

Easily Create Batch Files to Execute Reports Offline

Quick Exports Video

This short video picks up where the Layout Plus Introduction leaves off, demonstrating how a report created using Layout Plus with Report Designer is enabled as a Quick Export and a Select Set export. Further, it shows how easy it is to create a .bat file to run your reports off hours.

Featuring Select and Text

A Select Set Export that generates and sends SMS Text messages

Select and Text Video

See how Report Designer's Select and Text feature enables you send SMS Text messages to phone numbers associated with features selected on your map window.


Legend Entry Export

A Quick Export that generates legend entry images


See how Report Designer's Quick Exports feature enables you to use reports that render images to geo-locate those images and place them on your map window.

Featuring AcroForm Sync

AcroForm = PDF as Data Entry Form

AcroForm Sync = Update your data from PDF edits


Create AcroForm with Report Designer

Configure it for Quick Export or Select Set Export

Run it

Distribute to Field Workers

Field Workers Edit it and Return it to you

You run AcroForm Sync

Your data base is now updated


AcroForm Sync Video

See how Report Designer enables you to quickly generate simple editable PDFs, and then sync those edits back into your data base.

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