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Layout Plus is an extension to Hexagon's GeoMedia Desktop Layout Window that provides enhanced support for high quality map sheet exports to image files, pdfs and to XtenGeo's Report Designer for further editing.

Demonstrates how to incorporate Layout Plus generated layout sheets and reports into your GeoMedia desktop workflows.

Note: The Map Box, North Arrow, Scale Bar and Legend controls indicated in this video have been enhanced significantly since this video was released.

An introduction to creating a standard report using the Report Wizard, supplying data for your report, adding a map, the design panel, fundamental report elements, the toolbox and controls, Smart Tags, layout alignment, Print Preview, watermarks and exporting to common formats. 

Report Designer provides support for a wide variety of charts. This overview introduces you to the concepts of working with charts, chart types, chart elements such as diagrams, labels and legends, supplying data for charts, Master-Detail charts and integrating Pivot Grids with charts.

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