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Intermediate Tools

Take Your Reporting to the Next Level

Sub Report

Reports Within a Report

Ideal for Reuse

Master / Detail Records

Show data in sub reports that is related by attribute or spatially to the main report's data.


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In this AcroForm PDF example, this fictional report contains multiple sub reports, where each sub report contains data related to the subject of the main report, and together they are used to analyze the suitability of a location for a day home subsidy. The analyst can record their findings directly into the PDF and save it as a record of the data as viewed at that time and their decision rationale. And, of course, with a PDF they can easily share their findings with stake holders.

Sub Reports and

Multi-Criteria Location Analysis

Display the results of multiple data sources all together in a single report.

It's like running several queries at the same time, but with formatting each for display.

Table of Contents

Easily add a table of contents in minutes

Rich Text

Display rich text data (rtf) and Word documents from files or from your storage.

Use in-place editing to write rich text directly into the control, or include images.


Excel DataSource Wizard Pages

Excel Data Source

Use an Excel worksheet as a data source.

Also, supports csv files.

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