Basic Tools

Modern Intuitive Designer

Canvas Ruler

Adjustable Grid Lines

Snap to Grid / Snap Lines

Extensive Alignment

and Layout Options

Drag and drop controls that make your data pop.

Picture Box

Display Image from File,

or, Stored in Your Data,

or Paths from a Calculated Field

bmp, jpg, gif, emf+, wmf, tif, png, ico, plus:

Import svg

Load GeoMedia sym files converted to emf+


Static Text, Attribute Values, Mail Merge, Aggregated Group Values

Page Info

Page Number, Date and Time, User Name

Calculated Fields

Create report fields that display a calculated value

This example calculates the precipitation based on annual rain + annual snow

Conditional Layouts

Create expressions that determine how controls are rendered

This example displays a different grid, depending on the size of the US State.


Standardize Appearance with your own custom styles

Odd/Even Styles


Text and / or Picture

In Front or Behind

Neighbourhoods Export
InfoGraphic Export4
InfoGraphic Export3
InfoGraphic Export
Report Filter

Easily Filter Your Report Data

This example restricts the report to records where annual rain is less than 20

... and Supports GeoMedia Spatial Filter
Filter by Parameter

Add Static or Dynamic Parameters

Configure Parameter Pick List Values from Your Data


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