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Here's What's New in Release 18.6.1

SMS Texting*

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Send text notifications to your customers, citizens and field workers informing them of events and alerts with these new enhancements:

  • SMS Text Report Template for creating personalized dynamic text messages

  • Select and Text - select features from your GeoMedia map window and send a text message to entities within or nearby - dynamical include personalized data from your opt-in subscribers and from the selected feature

*requires Twilio account. See

SVG Support

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The Picture Box control now supports displaying scalable vector graphics (SVG) files.

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View 'Select and Text' Introduction
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Here's What's New in Release 18.6.17

Map Legend

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Fixed issue where closing the Legend Collection Editor would present an 'object reference' error.

When adding a custom key to the Legend Collection Editor, one could specify an image to represent the key, but the key properties were ignored. Now, the key properties will generate a simple key image when no key image is provided.

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