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Snow Plow Routes

The City of Edmonton, Canada has an annual snow removal budget of $65 million. The Snow Plow routes data was previously managed in Excel, and MicroStation, but for the 2017/18 season the process was migrated to GeoMedia Desktop, where Report Designer was employed to generate route map books for snow plowing, de-icing and sanding. The objective is to reduce costs by optimizing routes, and Report Designer will present management with the intelligence data to assist with that evaluation.

Counties Where Rain > 50 in Grouped by State Aggregation Example

This example groups counties by state, but only includes counties where rain > 50 in. A Map Box is placed in the Group Band with the 'Map Scale and Extent' option set to 'Extent of Current Feature'. Further, the 'Current Feature Style' is set to a maroon boundary line. The result is a map which displays a maroon boundary line around the merged counties within each state. When all counties have rain > 50 in, the boundary line is essentially the state line. However, when not the case, the maroon polygon(s) is a subset of the state.

70 in x 30 in Map Banner

Features a large format report of three American states designed as a Map Sheet layout. A number of elements are represented, such as three side by side comparison maps, three different chart types, a gauge, a spark line, a Pivot Grid, a Rich Text box, a Master-Detail sub report, and a Picture Box.

Master Detail Map Sheet

This Master Detail Map Sheet of three American states utilizes a Map Box, North Arrow, Scale Bar, multi-column Sub Report, conditional formatting, a calculated field, Picture Box, various label controls with value formatting, and a Master Detail pie chart.

American States/Counties Master Detail Standard Report

In this Standard styled report about three American States and their Counties, we demonstrate a number of elements.

  • Report Header and Footer

  • Table of Contents

  • 2 Map Boxes, one as an Overview Map, and the Rotate longest feature side to longest map box size option (see Arkansas)

  • simple Map Legend,

  • North Arrow,

  • Scale bar,

  • Picture Box bound to a calculated field where the expression points to a file location (eg: 'c:\tmp\myImages\' + [STATE_NAME] + '.png')

  • Pie Chart of top 5 counties by population within the State

  • Sub Report containing stats about counties within the State laid out in a multi-column table format

  • Conditional formatting - rain > 50 is colored pink

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