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Here's What's New in Release 19.6.1

Layout Plus

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Layout Plus provides brand new functionality to the GeoMedia Layout Window. 

  1. Export your layout sheets with excellent image quality and smooth edges to PDF or various image formats.

  2. Convert your layout sheets to Report Designer, and edit them from the design panel using all the additional tools it provides.

Check out the video at the bottom of this page.

Enhanced Map Legend

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New Legend Features:

  1. Include Feature Counts

  2. Hide Legend Entries with 0 Features

  3. Footer

  4. Vector Rendered Key Images - Exceptional Clarity

  5. Save Key Images to File

  6. Auto-Size

  7. Support for Legend Group Hierarchies

  8. Dynamically Include Current Feature Caption

  9. Include Cartographic Grid Elements

Cartographic Grid

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New Cartographic Grid Support

  1. Grid Template Gallery

  2. Neatline Border

  3. Neatline Corner Labels

  4. Interval Lines

  5. Interval Line Labels

  6. Staggered and angled labels support.

  7. Grid dynamically recalculates when Map Box is re-sized.

  8. Custom Label Formatting

Sub Report Control Enhancement

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To make it easier to include data from multiple sources in the same report, now Sub Reports' data can be 'joined' to the master report data using:

  1. Attribute Filter

  2. Spatial Filter

Symbol File Support

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Picture Box control now supports GeoMedia symbol files.

Copy to Sub Band

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Handy new command to assist with creating conditional layouts. Easily copy an original layout into new layouts, ready for you to apply formatting rules to determine visibility.

Scale Bar Properties Dialog

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The Scale Bar now provides an editor dialog to match the GeoMedia properties, and now supports multiple Scale Bars for a given map.

Map Margin

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Add margins to make room for Cartographic Grid labels. Margins support back ground colors, including semi-transparent.

Feature Display Order

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New form enabling you to control the stacking of map layers, such that labels from your base map can appear above elements in your Cartographic Grid.

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