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Report Designer for GeoMedia

Layout Window Enhancements

Modern Alternative to the Layout Window

Embedded Reporting Tool

Business Intelligence Presentation

Featuring Layout Plus

New Layout Window Ribbon

New Export Options - Improves Output Rendering

Translate Sheets to Report Designer

Enhance With Numerous Powerful Design Tools

Layout Plus Intro Video

See how Report Designer's Layout Plus ribbon enables you to export your layout sheets to an XtenGeo report, and from there, how to enhance it using more than 50 of the numerous features offered by Report Designer for GeoMedia.



Report Designer makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources, geospatial or not, into documents that make sense of it all.

Map Sheets

Map Books


Notifications and Address Labels

Data Validation Reports

Status Reports

Route Instructions

Automated Reports

Demographics Reports

Excel Exports

SMS Text

Data Entry PDFs

Customer Requests for Information

Hit the Ground Running

Powerful options to get started in minutes.

Convert Layout Sheets to Report Designer

Start from a Template Using the Report Wizard

Start from Scratch Using the Report Wizard

Add Reports to your GeoMedia Workflow

Featuring Quick Exports

Handy Access to Your Favorite Exports, Plus:

Select Set Exports

Quick Exports Filtered by Map Window Selected Locations

Batch File Command

Easily Create Batch Files to Execute Reports Offline

Quick Exports Video

This short video picks up where the Layout Plus Introduction leaves off, demonstrating how a report created using Layout Plus with Report Designer is enabled as a Quick Export and a Select Set export. Further, it shows how easy it is to create a .bat file to run your reports off hours.

Once a report is created, you can easily re-run it with updated data. There's no collating or manual processing required, saving us a bunch of time and money on labour costs.

Michael Boychuk

GeoEdmonton Coordinator

City of Edmonton

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What People Are Saying

Layout Plus is a game changer for the Layout Window. In my opinion, the new product Layout Plus fills many, many voids and offers much of the functionality that has been discussed in our Swiss user group.

Markus Hess


Swiss Chapter GeoForum

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I participated with Vlad Loghin on a short evaluation of the add-on 'Report Designer for GeoMedia'. The functionalities implemented so far significantly extend the ability to present the results of analysis and data processed with GeoMedia. It covers a large part of the usual reporting requirements from our clients. 


Collaboration with XtenGeo was very good during the evaluation period.

Miklós Gábor
MAST Department Manager

Intergraph Computer Services S.R.L.

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